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Buses & Bus cards

    Price: 4,000 won (regular size card) 6,000 won (mini accessory card) can be re-charged from 5,000 won to 50,000 won at a time at designated markets or subway stations in Gwangju. A transfer enables you to continue your trip on another bus without having to pay another fare, for up to one hour from the time you paid your fare. However, this transfer is not applicable for a transfer between buses on the same bus route. For example, if you take Bus #9 and get off the bus, you can take any other bus for free of charge for up to one hour, except for Bus #9.

Main buses(stop in front of GIST)

- Red line (Express Route) #9 (Service Interval: 9 minutes)
    Cheomdan Jongjeom Human Resources Development Service of Korea Ssangam Park Wolgye Middle School Eung-am Park Cheomdan Lain Apt. Cheomdan 2(i)-dong Office Mu-yang Seo-won Ibgu Nambu Univ. Sinchang Elementary School Sinchang-dong Post Office Singa Wumi Apt. Singa Sageori Sungwang School lbgu Donglim Samick Apt. Ibgu Yudeok Elementary School Gwangcheon Terminal Buksung Middle School Gwangju Il High School Geumnamno 5ga Station Culture Complex Station (W) Dong-gu office (S) Chonnam Univ. Hospital Hak-dong Market Hak-dong Jeungsimsa Ibgu Station ( Samick Ceramic (N) Hak-dong Pyeonghwa Mansion) Unlim Middle School Jeungsimsa

- Yellow Lines (Major Routes) #16 (Service Interval: 10-12 minutes)
    Pung-am 16: Maewol-dong Daedong High School Hwahe Danji Gonggu Danji ( Pung-am Sageori(W))(Seogwangju Station Ibgu) Gwangju Middle School Majaejongwon Apt. Kumho-dong office Kumho Dogaegong Apt. Kumho Moa Apt. Worldcup Stadium Yeomju Gymnasium Yeomju Jugong Apt. Yeomju Sageori (W) Seogwangju Tax Office Sinhakdae. Humun Ssangchon Station (Korea Rural Community&Agriculture Corporation) Honam Univ.Ibgu Uncheon (Honam Univ. Ibgu) Station (Sangmu Jigu Ibgu) Nonghyup Uncheon Jijeom Korea Water Resouces Corporation Korea Cadasral Survey Corporation The Bank of Korea City Hall Gyesoo Beodeul Ma-eul Gwangmyoung Heights Humun Back Gate Kia Motor Jungmun Gwangcheon Terminal Hyundai Motor Imdong Hanguk Adelium (S) Bohun Hegwan Mudeung Stadium (S) Gyeongshin Girls High School Un-am Market (&larr ;Culture & Art Center Un-am 1 Complex) Un-am 3 Complex Un-am Middle School Un-am Wumi Apt. Gwangju City Rehabilitation Center Donglim Pureun Ma-eul San-donggyo Banchon Health College Jeonnam Technical High School Sinchang-dong Electonic Technical High School Bohun Hospital Cheomdan Saenghwal Physical Exercise Park Cheomdan Hoban 3cha Apt. Cheomdan Buyeong Apt. Cheomdan 2(i)-dong Office Cheomdan 1(i)-dong Office Ssangam Park Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

- Yellow Lines (Major Routes)#30 (Service Interval: 10-11 minutes)
    Cheomdan 30 Cheomdan Jongjeom Gonae Ibgu Daechon Ma-eul Ibgu Korea Photonics Technology Institute. Human Resources Development Service of Korea Daechang Woonsu Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Electronics&Telecommunication Research Institute Gwangju Institute of Science Technology Ssangam Park Cheomdan 1(il)-dong Office Cheomdan 2(i)-dong Office Mu-yang Seo-won Ibgu Nambu Univ. Electronic Technical High School Bohun Hospital Cheomdan Saenghwal Physical Exercise Park Cheomdan Lotte Mart Gyotong Park Bokryong Ibgu Yongdu Jugong Yangsan Town Yangsan-dong Big Mart Yangsan Taekji Sageori Yangji Elementary School Dong-A Pharmaceutical Yeoncho Jejochang Humun Yeoncho Jejochang Lotte Chilseong Coca Cola Bonchon Fire & Police Station Native Local Foods Museum Kukje High School ( Samgak Green Town) Korea High School (S) Gwangju Technical High School Ibgu Ochi Elementary School Yongju Elementary School Yuchang Apt. Sinangyo Ibgu Chonnam Univ. Middle School Humun Chonnam Univ. Middle School Chonnam Univ. Sinan Sageori Gwangju Station (W) ( Hyundai Department Store) Yudong Sageori Kwangju Bank Bukbu Jijeom Yangdong Market Station (N) Dolgogae Station (E) Seogwangju KT Nongseong 1(il)-dong Office Gwangcheon Elementary School Hyundai Motor Gwangcheon Terminal Kia Industry Hwajeong Hyundai Apt. Hwajeong Sageori Gwangdeok High School Hwajeong Middle School Juwol Elementary School Wolsan Ma-eul Wolsan Ma-eul Ibgu ( Wolsan 4(sa)-dong) Wolsan 5(o)-dong Shinwoo Apt. Juwol Residential Complex (S) Baeg-un Gwangjang ( Honam Samyuk High School Ibgu) Daekwang Girls High School Jin-weol Daeju Apt. Daesung Girls High School Dongsung High School ( Gwangju Univ. Ibgu) Song-am Samick Apt. Namsun Industry Song-am Industrial Complex Ibgu Songwon College Song-am Industrial Complex


    Taxis are available 24 hours a day. A comprehensive list of taxi companies which serve the Gwangju area can be found in the Yellow pages of the phone directory.

Taxi Company Number
Sinheung Call Taxi 515-9999
Woori Call Taxi 959-7777

Bus fare

Routes Fare Routes Fare
Gwangju-Seoul 16,900/25,000 Gwangju-Suwon 15,300/22,600
Gwangju-Inchon 18,000/26,600 Gwangju-Pohang 26,300
Gwangju-Busan 16,100/23,700 Gwangju-Daegu 13,000/19,000
Gwangju-Gyeongju 24,500 Gwangju-Jinju 9,800/14,300
Gwangju-Cheongju 18,100 Gwangju-Masan 12,700/18,600

* Fares and schedules are subject to change.
For further information, please visit

Traveling outside Gwangju


    The most reliable mode of travel in Korea is by train - they don't get caught in traffic!
    There are 3 classes of trains, varying in price and in the number of stops made: KTX (Korea Train Xpress), Mugunghwa, and Saemaul.
    Train tickets are available at train stations. Because trains are reliable, weekend tickets are often sold out two or more weeks in advance, and months in advance for major national holidays.
    * For further information, please visit


    For those who are in a hurry, there are airline services available to all major cities except for Daejeon.
    To ensure a seat, make a reservation at least 2 weeks ahead of your planned travel, and months in advance for major national holidays.
    However, even if you didn't make a reservation in advance, do not simply give up, as seats may be available for afternoon departure just by calling in the morning.

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