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GIST's Digilog Book technology inspired awe even among guests on KBSs Sponge 2010-03-09
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GIST's Digilog Book technology inspired awe even among guests on KBSs Sponge


The technology for producing Digilog Book whose development is currently under way at Culture Technology Institute at GIST (Director Woontack Woo, Professor at Dept. of Information and Telecommunications) was introduced in KBSs TV program the Sponge on March 5 (Friday) and attracted a lot of interest.

In particular, the program featured the first books ever produced domestically in the digilog book format - The Temple Bell and Hongkildongjeon. The guests were filled with admiration on viewing a 3D image of a temple bell model and heroes of the books while enjoying vivid sound. 


The digilog book is a next-generational e-book that allows readers to view content in 3D, in addition to being able to touch and smell the objects. Unlike virtual reality (VR) technology, in which both content and background arent real, augmented reality (AR) experience used in the digilog book is created from the overlay of virtual digital content on physical reality.  

The Digilog Book is in the final development phase and will become available to the public in the near future, said, Sang-cheol Kim, head of team responsible for overseeing content development who appeared on the program that day.

Meanwhile, the Culture Technology Institute at GIST has been working on developing the so-called Immersible and Interactive Digilog Book Technology (Head of research: Woontack Woo) by tapping into about KRW670 M of R&D subsidies offered by the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism from 2007 to March of this year.




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